o n p

Office Natalia Priwin is a lighting design practice.

New York, New York

o n p

Office Natalia Priwin
is a lighting design practice.

New York, NY

o-n-p is a lighting design practice.

We develop our projects with a deep commitment to our client’s vision and a genuine reverence for site context, sustainability and human emotion.

As lighting designers, we work in multiple domains and at different scales.  From custom luminaire design to lighting masterplans, we offer a range of design services to the project’s needs on a client-by-client basis. o-n-p is engaged throughout a project, from concept to construction.

We design with environmental and economic consciousness and collaborate with our partners to adhere to project timelines and budgets. 

Natalia Priwin Caleya, Founder
Prior to founding o-n-p, Natalia spent ten years working for L'Observatoire International. She graduated with a Masters in Lighting from Parsons The New School and a Bachelors of Arts in Design from EINA, Barcelona, Spain.  Natalia is from Caracas, Venezuela.

Natalia is invited to The New School Parson’s Lighting Design program for thesis review and has given lectures at Cornell University.


Marcela Priwin, Business Development Director

Joy Younan, Senior Lighting Designer

Edell Parker, Project Manager and BIM Director