ONP is committed to realizing our client’s vision through a practice of lighting, with equal consideration to the site’s context and the human experience of the space.  ONP recognizes that lighting design is an art heavily mediated by technology; for this reason we incorporate the latest innovations into our projects, expanding the functional applications and emotional possibilities of our evolving field.

Office Natalia Priwin

Who we are
O-N-P is an international design practice and research studio that works to synthesize light and space.

Light is our medium. It is through light that we bring architecture to life and through light that we deepen the intangible experience of built environments. We develop our projects with both a deep commitment to our client’s vision and a true reverence for site context and human emotion. Our research is considered and far-reaching and we are always looking toward the future. The O-N-P designer is equal parts artisan and technologist and we craft compelling visual identities that push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.

O-N-P is engaged throughout the course of a project, from concept to construction. We design with environmental and economic consciousness and work in sync with our partners to adhere to project timelines and budgets.

What we offer

We have a holistic approach to lighting design. As a baseline, all of O-N-P’s project work is serviced via the following:
– Analysis & research
– Strategic & conceptual visual storytelling
– Expertise in the most cutting-edge lighting and architectural software
– Project-wide technical integration & coordination

O-N-P works with clients that include private owners, institutions, architects and brands. We work directly with project teams and engineers to create atmosphere via lighting, keeping in mind issues of visibility, safety, technical requirements and cost.

As lighting designers, we work in multiple dimensions and at different scales. From custom luminaire design to lighting masterplans, we offer a range of design services to the projects needs on a client by client basis.